diabetic emergency

Are you prepared for a diabetic emergency?

Are you prepared for a diabetic emergencyWhether you are traveling to another country or staying local, to run “everyday” errands, emergencies can happen, like getting stuck in an elevator or being stuck in a traffic jam for several hours.

Weather emergencies, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and tornadoes happen all over the world, and these types of situations can not only turn your daily routine into chaos, but the chances that you may be uprooted from your home for several days is a very real possibility.

If a diabetic is not properly prepared for any type of unexpected situation, they are at risk for a medical emergency and a potential “life or death” situation. Sadly, many diabetic patients are not prepared to face an emergency.

The Mayo Clinic recommends several items to have in your car and/or on your person at all times:

  1. New bottle of glucose tablets. These are great, as they are like the sponge cake treat “Twinkies”,they last forever.
  2. Non-perishable food – like a protein-packed granola bar. This emergency food fits easily into a briefcase, coat pocket, fanny pack and the glove compartment of an automobile.
  3. A mini storage container to cool your meds (insulin) or a FRIO pack that only requires water to cool – not a freezer or ice.
  4. If you are on an insulin pump, having “long action” meds and syringes on hand are important, if the pump is not functional or if mail delivery is delayed.

Pre-made diabetic emergency packs can be purchased, but they can be costly. It is not difficult to prepare a homemade one, with a little education and preparation.

In addition to the above mentioned suggestions, an emergency candle that burns at least 100 hours and/or a mini flashlight is also considered a necessity, as well as hand/body warmers and freeze-dried food.

Take time now to prepare for a diabetic emergency, and please share what you keep on hand, in case of a “worst casescenario”. We would love to hear about the helpful tips that have helped you during a crisis.

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