Can Quitting Smoking Assist in Preventing Diabetes?

Can Quitting Smoking Assist in Preventing Diabetes?


diabetes and smokingYes! According to the results of an extensive study (50 years in the making), which was released and published earlier this year, smoking is a direct cause of diabetes. We already know and accept other causes of Type 2 diabetes, such as age, untreated high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, age and poor dietary habits.

Smoking 10 cigarettes a day can increase your risk of getting diabetes 3xs that of a non-smoker. Obviously, the more you smoke, the higher you have put your health at risk for unwanted complications.

In addition to being a direct cause of diabetes, smoking has a negative impact on effective blood flow. Maintaining blood sugar and keeping levels healthy, becomes more of a challenge, thanks to smoking, and the instability of blood flow throughout the body.

Smoking cause’s diabetes makes it very difficult to manage insulin dosage and blood glucose levels, but smoking also will cause you additional deadly harm by:

  1. Cause cancer (especially of the throat, mouth, bladder and lungs).
  2. Raises blood pressure.
  3. Increases bad cholesterol numbers
  4. Hardens the arteries (known as “atherosclerosis”).
  5. Joints stiffen – making mobility limited and painful.
  6. Chance that you will have a stroke increases

Individuals that have been diagnosed with diabetes, and choose to continue to smoke, have a higher risk of encountering medical complications associated with diabetes, such as:

  1. Eye disease that can lead to loss of vision (Retinopathy).
  2. Nerve damage to extremities (hands and feet) that cause overall body weakness, constant tingling sensations, incoordination and severe pain.
  3. Risk of disease associated with the heart and kidneys is also increased in smokers that have diabetes.

Also, smoking has been known to cause still births and miscarriages in women, and impotence in men.

We all know that smoking is a dangerous habit, that not only has a negative impact on your physical heath, but also you exterior image, as your skin looks gray because of the buildup of nicotine (not having the bright healthy glow that should come naturally) – not to mention that fact that your home, car and clothing constantly smell of stale smoke.

As you can clearly see, quitting smoking today benefits you in so many ways, and not just helping to better control blood glucose levels. If you need a free helping hand to battle and win the war on this particular addiction, feel free to call 1-800-784-8669 (1-800-QUIT NOW), or visit the website,, to get your life on a healthy road.

diabetes and smoking

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