Diabetic Recipes, Diabetes Dessert Recipes

When we go looking for Diabetic Recipes, Diabetes Dessert Recipes are not contradictions in terms! Yes, it is possible to enjoy a wide range of desserts to top off that delicious and healthy meal you just finished. As always, everything in moderation! And in the case of diabetic dessert recipes, a few adjustments and voila! You can enjoy many of your traditional favorites.

Diabetic Cake Recipes: Sometimes it just needs to be a cake! Writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on an apple crisp somehow doesn’t have the same impact. Fortunately, there are lots of recipes to choose from for special occasion cakes that cleverly alter the fat content but which are still moist and delicious. For example, many carrot cake recipes call for a generous amount of oil. An equally pleasing, moist carrot cake can be made with a fraction of the fat content. The secret? Soaking raisins in orange juice the night before to plump them up. Exchange white flour for whole wheat and increase the fibre content. Cut back on the sugar and use fresh ground cinnamon and nutmeg to really pump up the fragrant aroma of the carrot cake as it bakes. And while you’re at it, there are ways to make that cream cheese icing with low-fat cream cheese!

Diabetic Cookie Recipes: Delicious meringue cookies quickly come to mind as a terrific diabetic cookie. Made with the whites of eggs and sugar substitutes – not to mention pure cocoa – make these gems a lovely way to end an evening meal. Many an ‘old-fashioned’ cookie – like chocolate chip – has been updated to suggest substitutions for fat and sugar. One baking tip for cookies with a lower fat content is to bake them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. This saves having to ‘grease’ a pan and allows the cookies to be easily transferred to a cooling rack.

Free Diabetic Recipes: Free diabetic recipes can be found easily on the internet. Try to use websites that are supported by a diabetic association, as they will give accurate information on the exchange value or fat and calorie count of the food based on standard portion sizes.  Another good source of free recipes is the website of popular food magazines with an established test kitchen. Your local library should have diabetic cook books in their food and cooking sections. Don’t forget to try your local diabetic association – they are often a terrific source of information, including free recipes.