Insulin Resistance diet plan

What is Insulin Resistance?  Insulin is a type of human hormone produced by the pancreas.  Insulin helps to move glucose to the body’s cells via the bloodstream in order for the body to produce energy. Insulin deficiency If a person is suffering the effects of insulin resistance then their cells are not working properly and are experiencing an ineffective interaction with the insulin.  The body requires a certain level of energy to function to its full potential.  If the body is not receiving the required energy because of insulin resistance, then it will compensate by producing extra insulin in the pancreas in order to have the glucose processed.  The extra insulin produced to process the glucose can however have an adverse effect on other cells which have maintained normal insulin sensitivity.  The imbalance in the glucose and insulin relationship can eventually result in long term health issues such as blood clots and high blood pressure.     Other Health Concerns Insulin resistance is not a disease or medical condition in itself, but it has been linked as a contributing factor to other medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease and certain liver problems.  There is no clear understanding as to the cause of this condition.  Two factors that appear to have some link to insulin resistance are obesity and insufficient exercise. The body’s sensitivity to insulin is increased with regular physical exercise.  Other influences on the condition include family history, ethnicity, lifestyle and calorie intake. Resistance Plan and Diet The argument in relation to the effects that diet may have on the condition has both sides equally opposed. There is a school of thought and scientific research which suggests that a diet with a high intake of saturated fat may also have an adverse affect on insulin function.  Simple sugars such as fructose may also increase any resistance issues.  There is a consensus however relating to the link between obesity and insulin resistance, with most agreeing that obesity is caused by high fat and sugar intake combined with low levels of physical activity.  Therefore any diet plan undertaken in order to combat insulin resistance should take on a holistic approach to the person’s overall health and weight management.  Low sugar and fat intake generally combined with an appropriate exercise regime should be the basis of any plan.   lan.