Diabetes has a Negative Effect on Your Body

Diabetes has a Negative Effect on Your Body

Diabetes has a Negative Effect on Your BodyIf diabetes is not diagnosed early and treated appropriately, then the damage caused to vital organs can be severe and even deadly. Complications due from diabetes happen when blood sugar levels are not controlled over long periods of time.

For instance, heart disease and other cardiovascular concerns are common among diabetics who poorly monitor and manage their glucose levels. In fact, it has been researched and documented, that individuals affected by Type 2 diabetes, have a stroke risk (or other related heart issues) two to four times more than individuals who are not affected by diabetes.

In the same manner, diabetes may lead to elevated blood pressure which is linked to high levels of bad cholesterol. High cholesterol greatly increases a person’s chance of heart failure.

Chronic high blood sugar levels may cause damage to the small kidney filtering cells that will ultimately lead to failure of this vital organ. Early symptoms of a damaged kidney include water retention, unexplained fatigue, headaches and vomiting.

Damage is caused to eye nerves due to unchecked and uncontrolled high blood sugar levels. Although new bloods vessels may form, they will be weak and fragile.

In addition to eye nerve damage, fingers and toes may tingle or go numb, because of poor circulation, due to high level of blood glucose levels. Neuropathy is one of the common, long-term complications of untreated diabetes, and because of this; some diabetic patients may incur infection or foot injuries that are not noticed right away.

Also, due to poor circulation, diabetic patients take a longer time to heal when injury/wounds occur (especially to the legs and feet). Because vital nutrients and oxygen cannot get to the lower extremities, infection and gangrene is often possible.

Pregnant women, who are unable to control elevated blood sugar levels, run the risk of a low birth weight of their baby and complications during delivery. In addition, children who are exposed to high levels of blood sugar, while in the womb, may have a higher chance of contracting the disease.

In addition to the above mentions, other complications that can develop from untreated diabetes are infections of the skin and mouth, and also osteoporosis (fragile bones).

More research is necessary, because the exact reason that chronic high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) cause damage to other vital bodily organs is not totally understood and documented.

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