Diabetic Friendly Desserts

The Big Book of Diabetic DessertThese diabetic friendly desserts will surely tempt you and satisfy any sweet tooth, even if you have diabetes.  We’ve also got a few suggestion for snacks, such as hot chocolate that’s sugarless, with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and diabetic cake that will fool even the biggest sugar lover along with other great diabetic friendy recipes that will make your mouth water.  Another diabetic friendly snack is a parfait, using pudding that’s sugar-free, and layered with whipped topping that’s also sugar-free.  By the way, organic agave nectar is low glycemic and a great alternative to sugar, for most everyone.  One last quick recipe is gelatin that’s sugar-free with fruit in it.  Put the gelatin in the fridge until it’s partially set.  The fruit will float in it midway.  Even if it sinks, it all tastes good.  Use canned fruit in light or natural syrup.

Anyway, here are the recipes for those diabetic friendly desserts we promised:

Make a melon salad by using cubed honeydew and cantaloupe (melons).  Sprinkle lightly with chopped and fresh mint leaves.  Drizzle with honey or organic agave nectar and toss.  This is similar to a Middle-Eastern salad .  Other fruity recipes are yogurt-dressed fruit salad, which is strawberries, green grapes, and blueberries.  Mix a tablespoon of honey or organic agave nectar, a half cup of plain yogurt, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and one quarter teaspoon of vanilla.  Toss all carefully then chill and serve.

Diabetic Friendly DessertsIf you love chocolate & bananas, then this Banana Split Diabetic Cake is for you.  Cover the bottom of a 9×13 pan with graham cracker sheets.  Use gluten-free ones if you want to.  Prepare a sugarless vanilla pudding according to the box then add eight ounces of light cream cheese.  Mix, then spread over graham crackers.  Spread a can of crushed pineapple which has been drained, over the mixture.  Top with a few sliced bananas, the whipped topping, and sliced pecans.

Diabetic Friendly Desserts for chocolate lovers:

This will be  a favorite for those who love chocolate.  Bake a prepared pie crust according to directions.  Cool it first before using.  Make a box of sugar-free chocolate pudding.  Fold half a container of whipped topping into the pudding.  Put into pie shell the top with remaining whipped topping and sprinkles of chocolate chips.  This pie looks like it came from a deluxe bakery counter.

Ready-Made Diabetic Friendly Desserts

What if you don’t have time to make a dessert?  There are readymade products in health food stores.  You can get cookies, diabetic cakes and other dibetic desserts which are made especially for you, and usually sugar-free.  a good idea is to get a list printed which will show you low or no-sugar desserts or ingredients, like the cookies, which are diabetic friendly.  Look at  a few recipes and see what you can substitute.  Your doctor and nutritionist will advise you on how much sugar or other ingredients you can or cannot have daily.  It takes a bit of science and math but any diabetic can have satisfying desserts waiting for them in the kitchen!

Diabetic friendly desserts won’t be a deprivation — they will be a pleasure and a treat, just like any other dessert — so enjoy them to the fullest.

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