Gestational Diabetes – Some Serious Side Effects

Gestational Diabetes – Some Serious Side Effects

Gestational DiabetesOther than Gestational Diabetes itself, there can be many side effects when woman have this condition while pregnant.  As with all diabetics if you do not follow the guidelines first given to you at the time of diagnosis such as watching your diet and ensure the foods you choose to eat are of high quality and include regular exercise as well as monitoring closely your blood glucose levels you may end up with complications of this disease.

Gestational Diabetes Can Cause Abortions In Pregnant Women

“Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is one of the most devastating experiences that can happen to a woman. Experts say, in some instances, diabetes may be the cause of many cases of abortion and birth of children with inborn malformations in pregnant women,” reports Sade Oguntola.

“Mrs Sarah Haruna had endured four miscarriages in the last eight years. Despite being treated at two private hospitals during the last two pregnancies, 32-year-old Sarah suffered painful miscarriages, as the underlying problem did not get detected. A government hospital finally made the joy of the Haruna family full when Sarah delivered a healthy baby after seven months of monitoring by a specialist doctor.”

Gestational Diabetes This leads us to the conclusion that women should get first, second and even third opinions when they have symptoms of Gestational Diabetes, to satisfy their own health needs as well as their baby’s.  Far better to err on the side of being super-cautious, and to quote an old but useful cliché — better safe than sorry!

“An Oakland County jury awarded the family of a quadriplegic 15-year-old girl $130 million in damages Tuesday in what the family’s lawyers called the largest medical malpractice jury verdict in Michigan history.

Attorneys for Markell VanSlembrouck of Macomb Township said the girl was larger than expected at birth because of Gestational Diabetes in her mother, Kimberly VanSlembrouck.

Rather than deliver by cesarean section, Dr. Andrew Halperin induced VanSlembrouck for a vaginal delivery at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, said attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

Fieger said Markell received brain damage and a broken clavicle and now has quadriplegia, requiring around-the-clock care.

“They literally crushed the life out of that little baby,” Fieger said.  Beaumont Hospital officials said their evidence showed the girl’s birth defects were genetic.  The trial lasted three weeks in the courtroom of Judge Rudy Nichols, and the eight-person jury took three days to make its decision. The original suit was filed in May 2006.

Halperin no longer works at the hospital, said spokesman Robert Ortlieb. Beaumont officials said they will appeal the award.  Fieger said the award represents the cost of caring for Markell around-the-clock through 2077 and her lost wages. The money will be stored with a court-appointed conservator.

In the original complaint, filed by attorney Douglas Raymond of Lafayette, Colo., Halperin and Beaumont were accused of not realizing that Markell’s size warranted a C-section and failing to prevent injury to the baby”.  Article source: Megha Satyanarayana of the Detroit Free Press.

So, if you have Gestational Diabetes, or even if you think you have it, don’t wait!   See your health care professional immediately, and always keep the fact in your mind that Gestational Diabetes disease can presents some serious additional side effects, other than the disease itself with the help of your doctor and dietician they will obviously be there to support and advise you through your gestation period.

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