Not only a Sugar Thing

Not only a Sugar ThingRaised sugar levels are a direct link to Diabetes, but new research is also pointing to the fact that too much red meat in your diet is also a healthhazard, and can increase your risk of getting Diabetes (Type 2).

During a recent study that consisted of 100,000 individuals, the people that consumed red meat four times a week increased their risk of developing Diabetes by 50% (over the next four year follow up).  Processed meats such as, lunch meats, bacon and hot dogs were on the top of the list linking meat consumption with the raised risk of Diabetes.

The individuals in this same study that ate less red meat in their weekly diet plan had their risk of a getting drop by more than 12% (the follow up period was ten years).

Typically, red meat is high in fat and calories and individuals that are significantly overweight are more than likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.  Expert researchers are confident that consuming large quantities of red meat, not matter what your weight is, is a contributing factor of Type 2 Diabetes.

One possible theory is that individuals that consume red meat regularly may put their body at risk for insulin resistance by having too much iron.

Not only a Sugar ThingNitrosamines (found in processed meats) can possible cause damage to the pancreas cells that are a contributing factor in producing insulin.  More research is needed in this area to more clearly understand this connection.

Enjoying an occasion hotdog at a family BBQ or at a ballgame is fine; we are only encouraging that red meat be part of a well-balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables.  Also, it is best to choose the leanest cuts of red meats, such as round steaks and sirloin tips (which have lower saturated fats) and to avoid rib eye cuts.  Excessive amounts of saturated fats in the body increases inflammation within the body, and this increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A three ounce portion of a lean meat will provide the body with essential nutrients, such as zinc and protein for only a mere 150 calories a serving.

More than 25 million U.S. Citizens have full blown diabetes (that is close to 10 percent of the population),and close to 80 million more American have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  On average, American citizens consume more than one hundred pounds (forty five kilograms) of red meat during a 12 month period and this is considered to be excessive.

Complications associated with Diabetes include: strokes, vision and hearingimpairment, damage to nerves and failure of the kidneys.  Also, when glucose is excessive in the body, oral problems can occur and blood pressure is also raised.

With this scary list, it is conceivable that individuals want to take every precaution available to avoid diabetes.

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