NovoPen Echo

NovoPenDiabetic patients that need to administer insulin via syringes consider this technique to be associated with pain, inaccurate dosing, anxiety, social stigmata and inconvenience. Insulin pens have removed a lot of these negative drawbacks.

Although insulin pens are not new, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has recently approved the new NovoPen Echo, which delivers half-unit doses (from 0.5 to 30 units for more precise dosing), which is beneficial for children and patients that require lower insulin dosing.

Other benefits of using the NovoPen Echo include:

  1. Memory function that remembers the last injection dose and administration time.
  2. Easy to refill.
  3. Easy and discreet  to administer
  4. Easy to read digital display.
  5. Available in stylish designs and different color options.
  6. Customized skins are available for these pens to make them more “kid-friendly”.
  7. Parents and care-givers can easily see when and how much insulin a child has used.

This technology provides comfort to parents that their children are properly managing their diabetes when they are away from home, as they can double check the time and amount of the previous insulin dose administered.

NovoPen EchoSince the target audiences are young people, a big question of to how to check if the unit is functioning properly if dropped.  The first step would be to check to see if the cartridge is undamaged, and to confirm that the pen is screwed together properly. Next, you need to check the insulin flow by putting the cap on the needle and select 20 units, press the dosing button until it reaches “0”.  Insulin should fill the lower section of the cap; repeat the function check process, to see if there is too much or too little insulin.  If the dose is still incorrect, the pen is most likely broken and needs to be replaced.

Novo Nordisk is a leading company in diabetic care with over 90 years of experience.  They are also leaders in hormone replacement and growth hormone therapy, as well as hemophilia care.

The main office is in Denmark,and it houses over 36,000 employees in various locations.  Their products are marketed in over 180 countries.

The NovoPen Echo is the company’s latest technology to deliver precise insulin, and is currently available in Canada, Israel and Europe.  Availability in the United States of America is due in the early part of the year 2014.

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