prediabetesWhen someone has Prediabetes they have an elevated blood glucose (sugars) level, but it’s not high enough for them to have diabetes.  A pre diabetic can get healthy in ways that exclude medications.  A prediabetic can eliminate high blood sugar by starting a healthy diet containing some fat, but in balanced proportions.  Sugar and weight have to be watched, and an exercise plan started.  Someone diagnosed as being a prediabetic should get all of the diabetes facts they can and possibly be able to prevent a sugar test exsistance.

Around eleven percent of people with prediabetes develop type 2 diabetes and this requires testing blood sugar and eating a carefully planned diet. This is also known as adult onset diabetes.  This can occur from 1 to ten years after diagnosed with prediabetes.  The condition may also be known as impaired glucose tolerance.  Prediabetics are at  a greater risk for getting cardiovascular disease, and this is a diabetes symptom they should be aware of.  Onset of type 2 diabetes can be prevented if pre diabetics look to their diet and lifestyle, and change it to help prevent high sugar in the future.

If you are concerned about having this condition, then an oral glucose tolerance test, as well as a fasting plasma glucose test, are both options.  Glucose levels are tested at different times in both tests.  Whichever type of diabetes you may have, blood glucose levels are important in prevention of any other diabetic form other than pre diabetes.  Pre diabetes is the warning bell going off.  Get guidance fast!  Both a fastingsugar blood test and non-fasting diabetes testing is good.

Do something about it once you learn that you have pre diabetes.  You can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes from occurring, and in as much as 58 percent of cases.  Modest weight loss and exercise are key components, amongst others.  Experts say reduce your weight by five or ten percent and do thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily.  Get checked to see if you have high blood sugar or high blood pressure.  Gather in all of the diabetes info you can.  Learn about high sugar symptoms, diagnosis of diabetes, and how to prevent diabetes, as well.

A lot of insurance plans and Medicare will cover a diabetes test in people suspected of having prediabetes or diabetes.  You can contact your doctor and insurance rep with questions or concerns about diabetes and prevention and what’s covered.  Armed with the most information and a simple diabetic diet you can, will help you conquer your prediabetes and get back on an even keel.

Prediabetes treatment consists of losing some weight (about five or ten percent) by using moderate exercise and eating sensibly.  If you can lose ten or fifteen pounds at the most it will still make a large difference.  Having even pre diabetes means you are at risk (about 50% more than someone without it) for stroke or heart disease.  Your doctor may talk to you about high blood pressure, smoking, and high cholesterol or perhaps beginning a diabetic diet for precaution.

If you’re overweight or aged forty-five or older, get checked for pre diabetes during your normal routine doctor visit.  If you are of normal weight then ask your doctor about getting tested.  If you are younger than 45, then your doctor may determine whether or not testing is warranted.  For younger people, risk factors may be high blood pressure, family history of diabetes, giving birth to a baby who weighs over 9 pounds, being part of an ethnic group at risk for diabetes, and having low HDL cholesterol coupled with higher than normal triglycerides.

prediabetesGet checked every three years, and if you’re diagnosed with pre diabetes you should get checked for type 2 every one or two years after you’re diagnosed.  Most folks with pre diabetes don’t even know they have it.  Some indicators could be lots of trips to the bathroom, being unusually thirsty, having blurry vision or feeling tired a lot of the time (for no good reason).

In children with high risk for type 2 diabetes, there’s no evidence that screening for pre diabetes can delay or prevent the type 2.  A study did show that up to 25 percent of kids and teens that were overweight, did have pre diabetes.  In most cases, people who get type 2 diabetes have pre diabetes.  Around 57 million Americans have pre diabetes.  A few long term changes may be happening in a person with pre diabetes, such as to the circulatory and heart systems.

Some great news is that if you have prediabetes, you can prevent, yes prevent, type 2 diabetes by managing your weight, adding a 2 diabetes diet to your lifestyle, becoming more active, and by eating healthier.  How wonderful that you could stop an insidious disease like type 2 diabetes, by merely becoming all around healthier and with no medications needed! That is one of the best things about having prediabetes it is like getting a second chance to improve your health, all due to you visiting your doctor you have all of the home truths now.