Signs of Diabetes in Women

Signs of Diabetes in Women

Signs of Diabetes in WomenSigns of Diabetes can vary from men and as a woman newly dealing with this condition or with a higher risk than the average woman it is important to understand what the warning signs can be. What you may not know is that if and when you are able to point out the warning signs of diabetes in your own life, you are in the midst of what is known as pre-diabetes. During the pre-diabetes stage you have a small window of opportunity to correct your health condition and reverse your diabetes before it develops fully into Type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, Type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed as it is based solely on genetics and uncontrolled factors.

Signs of diabetes in women that you should look for.

  • Extreme thirst. This is a very common condition for men and women alike but the difference for women is that once they have had something to drink they wait before drinking again. Do not wait! If and when you are thirsty it is important to get water into you right away.
  • Weight loss and weight gain in collaboration with increased or decreased appetite.
  • Poor circulation
  • Loss of feeling in fingers and/or toes
  • Extremely common yeast infections
  • Itchy skin and/or irritation in the vaginal area
  • Vaginal infections become frequent
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting spells
  • Rapid heart beat

Signs of Diabetes in WomenFatigue and blurred vision can be included in this list and these symptoms are not secluded to women alone. As you can imagine, any one of these signs listed above can easily be attributed to a number of other conditions including PMS. They key to these warning signs is you want to look for at least 2 of these conditions to be present at the same time before you can begin to think you are dealing with the onset of diabetes.

Women are very in tune with their bodies and most women are aware of what their menstrual cycle does to them and what a new symptom is. Visiting your doctor immediately is the key to getting ahead of diabetes. After informing your doctor of the symptoms that are worrying you, several tests will be conducted. After a simple blood test, your doctor will likely already know if you are experiencing the onset of diabetes. Further tests will need to be conducted in order to determine whether it is Type 1 or Type 2. Understanding signs of diabetes in women can preserve your health.

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