Sucralose and Diabetes| What is Sucralose?

Pure Sucralose PowderOnce you have been diagnosed with diabetes, the very first thing you think is that you are not able to eat the sweets you enjoy so much but sucralose and diabetes can help you here. In order to try and include sweets and desserts into your diet safely, without negatively altering your blood glucose levels you need to turn towards sugar substitutes and alternatives. Sucralose is one of the most popular sugar replacements today and many people say that it is perfect for diabetics as it does not alter your blood sugar levels.

Sucralose and diabetes explained:

Sucralose and diabetes is a perfect combination as it is slowly digested by the body and much of sucralose is not broken down at all which severely lowers the caloric intake as well. Sucralose is found in Splenda which is a very popular artificial sweetener. One that is used on processed foods, within restaurants and can be purchased just about anywhere. What’s great about Splenda is that it can be used on hot and cold foods alike, can be stirred into coffee, can be used for baking, and included in making any dinner and any drink! This type of versatility makes it the perfect investment for any diabetic.

Sucralose and DiabetesAlthough sucralose is advertised as being successful for diabetics, it is always advised to try any artificial sweetener in small dosages in order to slowly and safely test how your body responds to any given sweetener. The advancement and level of your diabetes can affect how you respond to simple artificial sweeteners and it is always safe to let your physician know what you are trying in the event you respond negatively.

As a diabetic, you will quickly learn that sucralose is a major ingredient in many processed foods and how they are labeled can tip you off. For example, when a label says “No Sugar” this can be trusted that there is no sugar in the product. On the other hand, when a label says, “No Sugar Added” this does mean it is without sugar but it also means that artificial sweeteners can be used. This is where reading labels carefully become your job as a diabetic. “Sugar Free” is another key label that can be implying the use of artificial sweeteners.

As you begin to test out theses sweeteners you will likely find one you prefer over all others and consistency can help maintain your blood glucose levels as well. Sucralose and diabetes is a great way to maintain your condition while still enjoying the foods you love!

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